Сultural trip

The bridge between China and the World
AiSN-China is committed to promote communication between teachers and students from China and other countries. AiSN-China focuses on substantive exchange of culture and education. We are not only holding educational, sports, music and art activities, but also organising trips and social events in China that help you to understand cultural heritage of the country. 
 During the period of the program our team, local students and visitors live and work together on organising and planning a variety of activities that creates friendly environment for cross-cultural exchange.
AiSN China exchange program has the following advantages:

- Customized itinerary can be arranged according to requirements, including enterprise inspection, non heritage experience, school exchange, organizing sports, music and other unique activities;
- All the participants are going to be involved in various activities with people of different ages and background, to make your stay in China full of new experiences and knowledge;
- Customized lectures and other teacher activities are available;
- Controllable and cost-effective travel budget;
- The trip can be arrange in up to three different cities in China.
All the teachers and students who are interested in the exchange program are welcome to contact us, we do our best to answer any of your questions and provide the best service for you.
Go to another country for an exchange semester or year
The main characteristic of AISN is communication; during the entire visit local and visiting teachers and students live together. You are going to have common experience and  planning, organizing and participating in a series of exchange activities in order to create a real international communication atmosphere.

Every country’s scenery is extremely unique, beautiful and full of charm.  Doing different activities together with local people can help to warm up every heart during long and cold winter, or refresh you and your mind when the weather is extremely hot.
You want to study abroad for a short time?
AiSN China offers you an opportunity to study at our partner schools and organizations abroad. Choose a country and field you are interested in and we help you to go abroad to study and enjoy the culture.
Fields available:
- Languages                                          – Art and painting
- Dancing                                              – Design (clothes, interior, web etc.)
- Music (musical instruments)              – Cooking and baking
Moreover, You will get a certificate of a foreign school, that will be beneficial for your future or current  carier.
If you have any questions

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