Different trip, different experience
Would you like to do something else that just travel to another country?
Would you like to larn how different organizations work abroad?
Foreign countries become closer with AiSN China
Apply for one of AiSN Internship and Volunteering offers and go to work in one of our partner organizations abroad.
Program overview
Different countries
Different organizations
Duration 1-12 months
Accommodation and meal included
1 month training in Chengdu before starting day
Guidance how to reach the place

What can you do
There are various Internship and Volunteering positions available for Chinese people around the world. Most probably you will work in one of the following fields:
- Travel agency (Tour Guide)
- Hospitality (Hotels, hostels, Guest houses)
- Education (teaching Chinese to foreigners)
- Entertainment (organizing various activities about Chinese culture)
Apply for one of our programs via aisn2world@163.com. After reviewing your application we will invite you for an interview. After confirming and reserving a place for you, you are required to take our 4 weeks preparational course before the Internship or Volunteering to ensure that your stay will be productive and safe.
Preparational Course
Most of the people after arriving to a new country or new workplace have many difficulties and misunderstandings. We quarantee to the program participants to have the best experience. That is why every participant is required to take part in preparational course which includes:
- Overview about the country and the city of destination
- Basic local language course with native speaker
- Preparation for culture shock
- English language for the specific field of your work
- Basic operations of your future work
Current Programs