Study in China
Receiving a university degree in China is getting more popular and prestigious every year. Chinese universities are getting higher positions in the world universities rankings and are able to compete with famous European and American universities and institutions. Moreover, education is China is based on long time established and proved chemes, so students not only get a highly evaluated knowledge, but are able to work in different countries afterwards.
Advantages of Studying in China
Studying abroad is always prestigious for future carier, however, obtaining degree in China has ts specific advantages:
- Availability to study in English or Chinese languages
- Preparational Chinese language course for 1-2 years (for Chinese speaking programs). Obtaining degree in Chinese language is a challenge, but it pays off as speaking Chinese is a not common and valuable skill
- Obtaining Bachelour, Master or PhD
- Prestigious universities
- International environment, students from all over the world
- Creating useful network
- China is not expensive country, so it is much cheaper to live there than in most of countries in Europe or America
AiSN China established cooperation with many famous universities in Chengdu in order to help foreign students to study in China and get more benefits. Now we launched a Grant program which allows students from abroad with good performance to pay up tp 80% smaller tuition fee.
You  can apply for our program and AiSN China will offer you a place in one of the best universities of Chengdu with our Grant, which will help you to have lower costs of your education.
How to get AiSN Grant
If you are interested in studying Chinese language, Bachelour or Master degree and would like to get a Grant to study please contact out team via email, we will reply to you shortly with more detailed information about the application process and necessary documents to prepare.
You can apply for the Grant program if:
- You have European (including Russia) or American nationality
- You graduated from your school/university (can be different for Chinese language program)
- You had good grades at your previous school and have 2 recommendation letters from professors
- You are willing to study hard in China
- You are in a good health and have no criminal records
-You have sufficient fund to cover the rest of appearing costs in China
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