Travelling Rangers
An opportunity to organize your dream trip
 Travelling Ranger is a person who enjoys travelling around the world and likes sharing amazing travelling experience with other people.
If you are keen on visiting many interesting places and you are good at organizing trips, AiSN China offers you an opportunity to make a trip of your dream and join it for free.
What do you need to do
 - Think about some beautiful and interesting places that you would like to visit or you want to show to other people
- Make a detailed travelling plan to that place including how many days, number of people, what places to visit, transportation and accomodation.
- Estimate the costs of your trip (how much per one person)
- Propose your trip plan to AiSN China and wait for approval
- Organize the trip according to your plan
- Pack your luggage and start the trip
Your Benefits
Chunxi Road, Chengdu, China
- Meeting many new friends
- Free trip
- Opportunity to make a trip according to your interests and desires
- Valuable experience in organizing trips and events
- Certificate of participation in Travelling Rangers program
- Becoming a part of big international AiSN community
How to become a Travelling Ranger
 Send your CV and idea proposal to