AiSN China Cultural Exchange
Chunxi Road, Chengdu, China
Due to the world’s rapid development, it is getting more important for people from different countries to be able to integrate, share experiences, create a valuable network and cooperate.
Our aim is to build an international platform that provides an opportunity for people around the world to go abroad to do meaningful things and develop their personality.
Do what you want to do
Explore the world
Every year many foreigners come to Chengdu AiSN China internship, volunteering, Charity and Homestay programs. Does not matter if the stay lasts 1 or 3 months, all participants have an unforgettable experience in China.
Many Chinese people join our programs as well to go abroad for doing internship or studying. We open doors to different countries for many people who like challenges and are willing to explore the world.
AiSN China ensure a great experience for you and safety during your stay abroad.
Our vision is within few years to create plenty of opportunities for people to go abroad to get cultural experience, let thousands of students to be able to study in a countries they want, and develop independent personalities of every our participant.
Become International
Cooperate with us
AiSN China offers assistance in searching for opportunities in China, creating cooperation between different foreign organizations and Chinese companies and schools:
- If you are interested in getting some working experience, studying abroad o expanding your network, we can help you to realize your goals.
- If your organization is looking for partners in China, AiSN can help to create connections for your further operations.
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AiSN China – Cultural Exchange
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