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AiSN China gives you an opportunity to travel around different places in China and to different countries all around the World. Our trips are different; our aim is to help you to learn local culture deeply and experience people’s life. 
Be local and explore the culture
 Many people are tired of being simple tourists, taking photos of famous touristic spots and following boring tour guides.
AiSN China is changing the whole concept of travelling.
With us you not only visit a country, but try special local activities, experience being a local student or employee, learn how to cook food or even buy a house.
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If you would like to travel to some wonderful and interesting place, but you do not want to go alone. You can make a plan for your dream trip and organize it together with AiSN for our members.
- You can get an amazing experience of being a guide
- You join your trip free of charge, AiSN will find customers from China for your trip
- You will be a part of our big international community
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