AiSN China Membership
“AiSN is a Cross Cultural Organization that aims to bring people from different countries together. We organize many different international events, help people to find friends around the world, give opportunity to travel and do internship/volunteering abroad.”
Sounds interesting?
Would you like to join?
We are welcome to anyone active, open-minded, curious about travelling and different cultures. If your want to make lots of friends around the world, this information is for you!
How can you become part of AiSN?
Join our membership program and enjoy free trips and international events.
Membership benefits:
  • Making many local and international friends
  • Learning languages (weekly language corners, tandem learning)
  • Information about the most interesting events in Chengdu
  • Free events and tickets
  • Joining Chihuo SOS project
  • Discounts for our trips
  • Discounts from our partner organizations
Do you want more? – Here you are!
 Invite your friends to join AiSN membership program and get opportunity to travel for free with friends from different countries.
Our team is travelling to many different places every month. We always invite our friends  to join us to explore new places and cultures, take video about our adventures and make many local friends.
Invite 25 people to join AiSN China membership program (annual members), and get a chance to go abroad for free.
Join now and get a special present from AiSN
Membership fee:
6 months: 396 RMB
12 months: 768 RMB
To sign up please contact Wechat: 18224467866
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