Travel and help: Kenya and Indonesia need your help
Every day we enjoy good food, buying many things, travelling and working in a very pleasant environment. However, many people around the world cannot do the same.
AiSN invites you to join our volunteering programs in Indonesia and Kenya.
 Bali, Indonesia 
Indonesia is a very beautiful country. The most famous place in Indonesia is Bali island, which attracts millions of tourists every year. People from different countries come to Bali to have vacation, swim in the ocean, do surfing and diving.
However, not that many people are going out from the touristic places to discover the real situation in Indonesia.
Due to location of the country and variety of ethnic groups and its traditions, Indonesian people do not have that many opportunity to travel to another countries and explore the world. Most of them stay in their cities for the whole life and do not know about the world outside their hometown. Many local kids have no idea how people live in other countries, what snow  and Christmas is etc.
AiSN askes you for help!
We invite you to join our 2-4 weeks volunteering program in Bali to help kids to learn and practise English and learn about other countries.
Become the on, who changes people’s life, help children to discover this world and set up big life goals, make them to dream bigger.
Program fee:
2 weeks: 600 US$
3 weeks: 800 US$
4 weeks: 1000 US$
You will be placed in one of local schools and provided with accommodation and food (3 meals a day), airport pick up and 24-hours support. AiSN will give you guidance and some ideas for ogranizing cultural activities and classes.
Can you imagine your life without love ouf your relatives and friends? No think for a while that many kids around the world do not have parents, have no hope for bright future, have no opportunity to make their dream come true.
Find some time to help kids in orphanage in Kenya to  beleive in themselves and beleive that they also deserve good future.
Duration: 4 weeks
Program fee: 1000US$
You will be placed in one local orphanage, provided with accommodation and food (3 meals a day), airport pick up and 24-hours support.
Let’s make this world better together!!
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