Global 4 months Internship Program
Become an intern for 4 months in Thailand, Indonesia or Kenya, gain essential leadership and business skills. This is an exciting career opportunity for young professionals and recent graduates who have a strong interest in global leadership. The program is available to people with a variety of backgrounds ranging from education and finance to media and management.

 Indonesia    Medan, Jakarta, Bali
Indonesia has more than 17,000 islands, of which 8000 are inhabited, and over 300 languages spoken across them. Every island offers different adventure and experience, you can see many various cultures within only one counrty. Nature in Indonesia can amazed with spectaculous views: beaches, mountains and volcanos.
 Thailand  Chiang Rai
Well-known for beaches and sunbathing, Thailand attracts millions of tourists to come every year for vacation. You cannot escape coming to Thailand because of it’s various sea food, a tropical climate, fascinating Buddhist culture and majestic mountains. Combine vacation with work, get unforgettable experience in working in a very open-minded society.
 Kenya  Nakuru
If you are tired of Asian seasides, you are welcome in Kenya, a rapidly developing country in East Africa. The territory of Kenya is rich in contrasting natural attractions: lush green tropical forest alternates with the grandeur of rocky deserts,  mountain scenery and the eternal snow on the rocky peaks complement the Paradise beaches of the Indian ocean. A nice addition for tourists is rich wild life and the famous Kenyan coffee.
This is a 4 month comprehensive program, with volunteers participating in rotational assignments in the core components of local organizations, including center operations, community development, finance, fundraising, media and communications, and more. Volunteers will deliver real results on behalf of the organization, while gaining hands-on experience and coaching from senior leaders. 
The intern will complete four hours per day of tasks relating to the local operations and mission of the local organization. Depending on location, this may include: preparing and teaching English classes to children, offering specialized clinics, planning cultural activities running community events, local maintenance projects, and more.

The intern Volunteer will also complete an additional four hours per day as a member of multiple international teams, operating remotely with peers from around the world. These teams are responsible for facilitating tasks relating to the international work of the organization, which may include: budgeting and finance, donor relations and sponsorships, social media campaigns, recruitment, website development, and more.
For all the interns shared accommodation is provided, as well as three meals per day based on a traditional, local menu. The organization will also provide any necessary supplies, wifi access, transportation to the commitment place and a productive volunteer environment.
Upon the end of this program each intern will get not only lots of experience in woking abroad, but also internship certificate, which can be used for future carier development.
Program fee
16 weeks program: 620$ (including benefits mentioned above)
The participant is also responsible for arranging transportation, visa (invitation for visa will be provided), insurance and other expences, which might occur during the stay.
Please send your CV, motivational letter and recent photo to with a note “Global 4 months Internship program: (country)”
Applicaion should be done at least 40 days prior starting day.
If you are afraid that you do not have enough time for 4 months project, please check our short-term volunteering programs.
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